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Lily currently calls the Netherlands home after living & working in different parts of the US & EU for 18 years. She enjoys and takes pride in designing business and business processes that are supportive to clients’ needs by combining experience in eco-therapy, business management, organization development, with her nuanced familiarity with models of human development. Lily believes in the importance of communities, and has worked to bring about new educational and community programs since 2008.

Business Coach

& Developer

Lily Truong


Topher Hunt is a full-stack web developer and consultant (Ruby on Rails / Elixir / Phoenix) with a passion for writing highly readable code and taming complex data workflows through simple user interfaces. Topher's past work has focused on startups in the fields of education research, developmental psychology, and organizational management. When not tinkering with hobby web apps, he loves to learn foreign languages, read philosophy and science fiction, and explore the Netherlands countryside.

Chief Technology Officer 

Topher Hunt

Erwin Kenter photo 2.jpg

Erwin is the founder of There--a new and largest business ecosystem in Leeuwarden, Northern Netherlands. With background in finance, tech & business development, Erwin’s vision is for There to be a place for entrepreneurs & existing companies to actualize their business ideas. He is there for everyone who wants to change the world; supports and inspires people and companies to (co)-create a successful business or innovation.

Founder, CEO | There

Erwin Kenter