Our Story

Helping Businesses Blossom

Why We Do What We Do

The Future is Now!

We might establish colony on Mars one day, but right now, we live on this Blue Plant Earth. Air quality might be varied from place-to-place, but we indeed breathe the same air. There might be multiple future possibilities available to us, but our actions today do affect the course of the future. Therefore, our current mission is to bring companies, agencies, and professionals in various sectors together to create projects and programs that increase people’s accessibility to better and healthier life, especially via sustainable business.

Our Guiding Principles

Root. Expand. Reach.

How long will a castle last on sand? How tall of a skyscraper can you build on a weak foundation? If you look at a tree (EX: Banyan tree), the taller a tree grows, the further its reach, the deeper and wider its root systems. If you learn about Aspen forest, you would know that underneath it all are networks of interconnected roots that support all the Aspen trees in that forest. Therefore, we believe that in order to grow, like a Banyan tree, or an Aspen forest, we need to reach deeper and further into our inner and outer resources to receive the nutrients, the support we need to grow into an individual, an organization, a nation; to find our place in a tribe, a community, and in this world.

Our Partners and Advisors

Work With People who Understand Your Challenge

Above and beyond our expertise, our passion for what we do and how we deliver our services, it is our network of partners and advisors that sets us apart. When you work with us, you'll work with exceptional professionals, innovators, social change agents who are committed to facilitating human and organization maturity, improving people's quality of life and life of this planet Earth. But more importantly, you'll work with individuals who care about you and your business, who have gone through leadership development journey and business development stages like you do, who could listen to you to understand your situation, to craft solutions that are for you.